LATATARA: An exercise of visual poetry


A-class, A-rate, alpha (fe)male, etc. – the alphabet holds a promise for a brave new castration. however, the hymns of equality are overwritten by the irrevocability of hierarchies, the worship of the next-in-order, and by B as the new A

the first letter of the alphabet – ’A’ – holds weird semiotic connotations that have politicized it’s meaning. ’A’ as an absolute perfection, A-class and the Arian race, ’A’ as the illustrative example of the top of the power pyramid and the hierarchical position of the winner

does a formal operation of literally leaving ’A’ „out of the picture“ castrate the alfa-male and break the agreed vertex? what happens next – does revolution eat its children? does the shift taking place while rearranging the force fields distribute new empty power position equally?

ALPHABET WITHOUT ’A’ by Kiwa | 2010 | | Comments (0)

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