LATATARA: An exercise of visual poetry


The project begins with the initial posting (see tabs TEXT and SOUND) initiated by Estonian-American  artists Jaanika Peerna and Leevi Ernits.  ALL ARTISTS are invited to study the initial posting with great care and attention: you can look at it as a visual rhythm or bunch of odd sounds, see it as a opening sentence for a long story, or imagine it means something completely different.  Then artists are invited to react to the postings, continuing the chain of poetry in the media form of their choice (audio file, image file, video).

For example the initial posting or trigger has been given in two different forms: as text and sound.   The trigger is a four word sentence in Estonian language followed by versions of the sentence where the order of the words have been re-arranged. The meaning of the sentence stays the same no matter in what order the words are.

Tihti taevas tähti nähti

Tihti taevas nähti tähti

Tihti tähti taevas nähti

(often-stars-in the sky- were seen)

We hope that this simple exercise of visual poetry will be fun for you to be part of and you will invite artists you know to post as well.


DEADLINE for submissions is March 15th 2010!

A selection of  the best postings are chosen to be  shared and/or exhibited at a public event on March 27th at New York Estonian House in New York City.

Some helpful links for playing LATATARA: -Great site on Estonian culture, politics and society – Site on Estonian language and culture -Great Estonian Dictionary The Venue, New York Estonian House Site listing other Estonian Cultural Events