LATATARA: An exercise of visual poetry

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thank you by your LATATARA team | 2010 | Sight, Sound, Text



ALPHABET WITHOUT ’A’ (acrylic paint on canvas, 1.5×1.5 metres)

A-class, A-rate, alpha (fe)male, etc. – the alphabet holds a promise for a brave new castration. however, the hymns of equality are overwritten by the irrevocability of hierarchies, the worship of the next-in-order, and by B as the new A

the first letter of the alphabet – ’A’ – holds weird semiotic connotations that have politicized it’s meaning. ’A’ as an absolute perfection, A-class and the Arian race, ’A’ as the illustrative example of the top of the power pyramid and the hierarchical position of the winner

does a formal operation of literally leaving ’A’ „out of the picture“ castrate the alfa-male and break the agreed vertex? what happens next – does revolution eat its children? does the shift taking place while rearranging the forcefields distribute new empty power position equally?

ALPHABET WITHOUT ’A’ by Kiwa | 2010 | Sight, Text | Comments (1)

14. märts. Emakeelepäev. REKLAAMTÄHTEDE ja TAEVATÄHTEDE vahelisel alal, ühes kodus, süttis kell 18.16 esimene TÄHTIS tuli (tõenäoliselt lugemislamp). Selveri toidupoe punased MONSTERTÄHED süttisid kell 18.28. TAEVATÄHTEDE süttimisaega ei olnud võimalik tuvastada, tuisk tuli vahele. Kodudes aga algas KIRJATÄHTEDE sadu: arvutis, vihikus, mobiilis, kaante vahel (TÄHTTEOS) ja teleris, subtiitrite näol (Tantsud TÄHTEDEGA, BBC originaalsaade). Tuisk lõppes. Kuid pilvkate püsis. Eesti talv. Kella 23ni TÄHELDATI TÄHTEDE all ja TÄHTEDE taga kassades välkuvaid RAHATÄHTI.

March 14. Mother Tongue Day / Estonian Language Day. At 6:16 pm in someone’s home, sandwiched in the void between the letters (tähed) and the stars (tähed), the first light of the evening was lit. Most likely a reading lamp. The Selver supermarket’s red monster letters were lit at 6:28 pm. The precise time the stars began to shine could not be established; the driving snow intervened. Meanwhile, in the homes, it began pouring letters (shooting stars?): on the computer, in notebooks, on cell phones, in between the covers and on TV, as subtitles (Dancing with the Stars, the BBC original version). The snowfall subsided. But the cloud cover stuck hard and fast. An Estonian winter. The special hardcore edition. Until 11 pm banknotes (r-tähed) could be seen flashing in the tills, behind the letters (tähed), below the stars (tähed).

tähed, kihiti

plastist ja punaselt
rahamasinast ruttu
taaraautomaadist tilinal ja tihedalt
kassiirilt kärmelt, kurjalt
korterites kogu aeg
alatasa riiulis ja boksis
arvutis ja teles, vihikus
aga talitaevas harva
näitavad end tähed
pilved tulid vahele

The Letter Layercake

Letters, above and beyond
big and small
bills and notes
red and tall
lit and not
printed and bound
written and erased
typed and deleted
spelled-out and lined-up
served-up on screens
screens of many sizes
sending tähed
while the tähed above and beyond
are blocked by the pidev pilvisus
constant clouds
overcast simulcast
with some sunny breaks
winter in Estonia

Tähed, kihiti / The Letter Layercake by Riina Kindlam | 2010 | Sight, Text

ÖÖ by Eve Kask | 2010 | Sight, Text

The gazer of the stars

The gazer of the stars

Täheimetleja | 2010 | Sight

In response to 2 frame revolution and Jaanika Peerna’s initial sound trigger: The United States of America vs. Estonia- Who can make the best night sky. Please see link below
Created by Deirdre Sargent and Elaine Hullihen

Who can make the best night sky by Deirdre Sargent and Elaine Hullihen | 2010 | Sight, Sound

water rings spread, disappear

spread water rings, disappear

disappear, water rings spread

rings spread water, disappear

Susan English

by Susan English | 2010 | Sight, Text

from Pollen Cosmologies series 2010
for Latatara
Night Sky over NY March 10, 2010
Suzy Sureck
10” x 11”
fennel powder, salt, colored pencil on black paper

from Pollen Cosmologies series 2010

Suzy Sureck

Often Stars are Seen or aren’t Seen by Suzy Sureck | 2010 | Sight

[sic] + vello vinn

SOS SOSS SOS by [sic] | 2010 | Sight, Text

Black Eyed Star by Linda Hall | 2010 | Sight